Our Story

With a strong love for excellent food, and an even stronger work ethic,

it was a no brainer that Alfonso Contrisciani would one day work his way to the top in the Food Industry. Today, Alfonso shares his Master Chef Status with only 66 others in the United States. After years of service as Executive Director of Culinary operations at Hocking College, Alfonso decided it was time to focus on his passion: providing nutrient dense, farm fresh ingredients he was proud to cook with and serve to his friends, family, and community. Welcome to Oliver Farms!

Located in Thornville Ohio, Oliver Farms is owned and ran by Alfonso himself. Through the farm, Master Chef Alfonso is able to provide local sustainable food for all who wish to have a farm fresh meal. You can find Chef working all day every day, either on the farm, at a local market, in the kitchen, at the manufacturing plant cooking up batches of marinara, or his new Bakery.

So what are you waiting for? Its time to see what Farm Fresh Mastered really means! From our farm to your table!

Alfonso was named "Restauranteur of the Year" by the International Food and Beverage Forum. He has garnered over 75 National and International awards including 36 Gold medals as a member of Tea, USA in the International Culinary Olympics (1992, 1996, 2000), and has held numerous Vice President and Director positions in some of the countries leading hotels, restaurants, universities and food service companies. As Vice President of Culinary Development for Centerplate, Alfonso oversaw several large convention centers in the US and orchestrated multiple presidential dinners in Washington DC including President Obama's Inaugural Ball.

Alfonso is a member of OEFFA, the American Culinary Federation, World Master Chef Societies, Global Master Chef Society and the International Food and Beverage Forum.