SCG is a family owned and operated enterprise committed to high quality, organically grown products for retail and wholesale market. The families have been market gardening since the 1820’s in this part of the world and while are of that heritage, they are ever mindful of new techniques, new procedures and new ways of looking at old challenges.


Somerset Creek Gardens raises farm fresh, grass fed, free range chicken originally imported from Burgundy and Britton, France. The variety is derived from American and European Heritage Breeds and was developed in the 1960s to meet the exacting standards of the French Label Rouge Range Program.
Their birds thrive in a free range environment with full access to grass, clover and other seasonal vegetation. They also receive a ground corn, wheat and soybean ration. No genetically modified organisms, no antibiotics, no animal products and no synthetic amino acids are used in the process.
They live entirely outdoors and are moved to new pasture daily. They mature in 8-9 weeks and dress out at 4.5 to 5.5 pounds. Birds are processed at ODA/USDA approved facilities, vacuum sealed, labeled and quick frozen. The birds are available whole or can be custom cut at your preference.


Somerset Creek Gardens also offers a full range of vegetables from our high tunnels and outdoor gardens but specialize in tomato and pepper production. We plant everything from heirlooms to the latest available offerings. Our harvest season begins a months before conventional operations and extends a month after such operations cease in the fall.

Soil health and water quality are two of the primary considerations at Somerset Creek Gardens. Organic fertilizer and manures are utilized throughout the process. We were early practitioners of the organic market gardening trends of the late 1960s and early 1970s and have adopted many of the tenants and ethics of these early pioneers of sustainability.


Somerset Creek Gardens raises all their products for the table and for groceries, restaurants, institutions, farmers markets and engage in both wholesale and retail transactions.