Plate Farm to Table Catering

Plate Catering is a modern, American farm-to-table experience in. Plate Farm to Table Catering focuses on natural, non-GMO, and organic options produced by local farmers, producers, and individuals in Central Ohio. The menu offerings includes both vegan and vegetarian selections.

Plate specializes in seasonal American comfort food with Italian influences. Specialty “Artisan” breads, pizzas, and pasta are produced daily for maximum freshness. All Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, and Dairy are sourced locally and prepared with care, and produce is purchased locally based on seasonal availability and year-round “hot house” production.

Looking for the perfect way to wow guests and make your event unforgettable? Inquire about our catering services. We will customize our offerings to fit your entertainment and catering events. Our services will fit your budgetary needs. Award winning chefs will even work with you to customize your menu for special dietary needs of your guests.