Looking for a way to get a taste of Chef Alfonso Contrisciani’s cooking? There are two ways to experience delicious Southeastern Ohio cuisine: Rhapsody Restaurant and Plate Farm to Table Catering.

The two dining experiences focus on fine farm-to-table dining and local production in the region. As a proponent of local foods and sustainability, Chef Alfonso works to keep both Rhapsody Restaurant and Plate Farm to Table Catering true to mission. Both have their own signature twist while maintaining the tradition of locally sourced cuisine.

Rhapsody and Plate are both members of the 30-mile meal brand. They buy locally sourced produce and meat. When you support these businesses, you support the local food economy, local farmers, and local chefs. It pays to buy local!

What is Farm To Table?

Farm to Table is a food movement that focuses on food sourced from local farmers and producers to create a fresh, local product. The farm to table movement allows consumers to identify where their food comes from, and how it is prepared. This method is also a way to boost local economies and support small farmers.