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Would you rather follow up directly? Check out this directory of projects to put you in touch with the right people.

Oliver Farms
Alfonso Contrisciani | 614-949-0035 |

Rural Action
Tom Redfern | 740-677-4047 |

Perry County Blue Ribbon Pork
Megan Conkle | 740-677-4047 |

Somerset Farmer’s Market
Alfonso Contrisciani | 614-949-0035 |

Perry County Community Kitchen & Farmers Pantry
Alfonso Contrisciani
Tom Redfern, 740-677-4047 |


Alfonso Contrisciani | 614-949-0035 |

Perry County Growers Co-op
Alfonso Contrisciani | 614-949-0035 |
Thad Cooperrider |740-246-5023 |